About Us

 My name is Susanne.  This is my little part of the world.  I am a Wife, Mother & Memaw.  My Husband has got to be the most patient man on this earth. He has encouraged me to start this blog so that I can share my stories with you all.  He is a great father to our 6 boys and 1 daughter.  Our daughter is 33, and our 6 boys are 29, 27,26,23,21 & 9.  We also have 6 grandsons that are 7,5,5,4,2,2 and yes they are all boys.  Wen just like the boys around here.

I got my name Stitchinshishums from my mamma & my Auntie.  They called each other shishums instead of sister, it was their own little language I guess.  My mother and aunt were very close and they were the ones who taught and inspired me to crochet. Unfortunately they are gone now and I know they are watching me from Heaven and cheering me on.  I miss them everyday and I hope I make them proud .
I Love to help people and I love to crochet.  Crocheting is my passion and My wish for this site is to help others and to inspire them to show their creative side and also give them comfort through crochet. My hope is to inspire as many people as I can.  So many wonderful women & some men have truly inspired me and I want to give back what was given to me.
  Thank you for stopping by and supporting me.  Lets have some fun and get started !!
Live, Love,& Crochet!!